Tuesday, February 26, 2013


       seriously im having a problem in writing dis blog lately. im very sory guys becoz of my laziness lame dh blog nie x di update! hehehe. ade sape2 rindu x? kahkahkah. biaselah kalau dh lame xupdate mesti banyak nk mengomelnya tp xtau nk ngomelkan ape nie.
       hah, here sy nk mention that LOVE is more precious and beautiful if we care, understand and trust each other. why im said so because of without trust, nothing can help us. i have an experience about this and malam td pn baru gaduh dgn si dia sbb menda nie. actually im not good in this but i have to face it and i have 2 admit that if word in english is more proper manner if kt nk marah or sakit hati kat org. ade sape2 agree x dgn sy? hehehehe. sbb nk jaga hati org yg kt syg kt buat macam 2.  sbb syglah kan> sapelah xsayang laki oiii.... 
      walau kt marah mcm mane pn hati kt tetap dgn die dan 1 menda jer yg sy nk dgr iaitu "sorry". sgt simple sbb kalau ckp dgn ikhlas sy terima, sy xnk lain cume nk die admit n said menda 2 sbb itulah kedamaiannya. sgt2 simple kan? oklah nntylah sy omel lagi sbb nk balik dulu nie> dh maghrib nie. bye!

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hah nk komen ar 2??! silakan..bebel lah ape2 pn..