Thursday, November 15, 2012

dating time ;)

Seharian di Melaka with my en. b was so awesome! he willing to came here all the way from Shah Alam because of wanna spend time with me and make me happy. thank you my love for what u have done and i will appreciate it. first of all, we spend time by watching movie ' JB : skyfall '. then, eating...eating and lepaking at the beach with him talk heart to heart ;) i love u sayang...

Here are the pictures  

he was so happy because akhirnya dpt mkn kat The Chicken Rice Shop. hehehe..

comel jer kn syg i nie? hehehe...konon2 mase nie nk amik pic biar xnmpk kedut kat muke. hehehe... cover lah 2 kn...

there u go our dinner for that time...  "before"

"after" . my en b abis jer makan...i jer xlicin..tgk pinggan 2 still xbersih..

sementara tunggu traffic light hijau sempat jer kitorg pose mcm2..sbb  kitorg suke amik2 gambar nie.. i loiiikkkkeeee ;p

before keluar kitorg sempat beli jeruk nie. sedap gile seh! lepas 2 ade jugak mkn tako tp xsempat plak snap sbb dh abis ;)

this time lepaking at Pantai Puteri with Hawa Shahida n Mr Ong! still lepak sini mkn lagi...hahahhaa.. bape kali mkn pn kitorg xtau..

this one so surprise and i like this picture very much! xtau pn hawa nie amik pic candid...but, credit to hawa coz it was so totally natural! i love u!

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