Wednesday, November 21, 2012


what a nice number right ?
it was very awesome, wonderful and also never be forgotten. 
my mission is done even the plan had to change from plan A to plan B. very satisfied and proud to be me! hahaha.
sgt2 klakar that time to surprise my en b until i got pasrah jer kene bgtau jugak where am i...maaf yer tipu the whole day

befday cake for befday boy

pose dulu cantik2

malulah 2...comel jer :p

nk sikit x? come and join us!

malu2 my en b until he said "thank u syg..i love u" auuuccchhhh!

kene gelak pn ade time nie..

ala tomey2

kesian kene baling tepung ngn dauz 

thankz 2 hawa,ong and nisa yg join me to surprise my en b punya birthday. even simple i will always remember. thankz jugak 2 dauz, yan and ju yg join us that night. love u all!

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hah nk komen ar 2??! silakan..bebel lah ape2 pn..