Thursday, August 15, 2013

I'm yours!

i'm officially Faiz hisyam's fiancee!

how excited and happy i am! seriously unexpected and really grateful! may Allah bless everything..

thankz to my parent and all family members especially maknor and uncle, bik ayin and husband,maman ajim and wife, cik fi and husband and etc. furthermore my truly bff madihah and atiqa because accompany me from 8.00am till 5.00pm and also always beside me like a bridesmaid..i love u so much darlings! mmwwaahhhhhhh!

to my fiancee : i love u till jannah and insyaAllah we will getting married soon :)
be careful and please take care yourself for me ya!

my fiancee <3

madihah, me n eqa

posing selagi mampu ;p

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